Sony developing new Ghostbusters animated movie with Ivan Reitman

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Oct 4, 2015, 2:56 AM EDT (Updated)

Sony Pictures Animation is gung-ho for ghosts and has begun developing a Ghostbusters animated feature with Ivan Reitman producing via his Montecito Picture Company.  Ghostbusters was given an animated TV treatment in the past with the Saturday morning cartoon staple that ran from '86-'91, The Real Ghostbusters, but it's been a while since a decent animated version has manifested itself.  

Sony has been trying to get this spooky toon project off the ground for the past two years, and its logline takes inspiration from the original '80s live-action Ghostbusters films, with a ragtag team of paranormal scientists battling ghosts, ghouls and ghastly demons using crazy gadgets to protect the poor citizens of Manhattan.      

Plot details are yet to be revealed, and no writer, director or vocal cast has been announced at this time.  Destined to take advantage of Paul Feig's all-girl Ghostbusters movie invading theaters in 2016, this animated iteration might just spawn a whole younger generation of ghosthunting guys and gals. 

Are you ready for a strange new Ghostbusters animated movie in the neighborhood?

(Via Variety)