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Sony is creating an entirely new division to scout out comic conventions for movie ideas

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Sep 6, 2018, 5:24 PM EDT (Updated)

If you can make it at Comic Con, you can make it anywhere. That'll be the new MO of Sony Pictures, which is establishing a brand-new department whose sole job is to scout out comic book conventions for intriguing intellectual property that would make good movies, TV shows, and other forms of media. The announcement comes from The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision Blog, which writes that the studio is teaming up with Wizard World, a producer of pop culture expos across North America. Together they will mine cons for new talent, pitch ideas, and incubate them into actual projects. 

“You’re not necessarily sure where the next great IP is going to come from," said Sony Pictures Consumer Marketing Executive VP, Brand Strategy and Global Partnerships Jeffrey Godsick. "When you go into an Artists’ Alley or see the booths, you realize there is a lot of good work out there. Wizard World has a credibility in that world and with their help, we will have access and insight that is rare.” Godsick will be the mediator between Sony and Wizard World. 

While New York and Los Angeles may be the two biggest cultural hot spots in the country, Wizard World CEO John D. Maatta believes that there's plenty of great ideas to find in the places between both coasts. “The fandom is alive and vibrant all across America,” he said. “And the large media companies are finally seeing it.”

This new way of developing film and television projects could bring about a revolutionary change in an industry wrought with fierce competition and slim selectivity. A partnership between a convention company and a major Hollywood studio can give even a talented up-and-comer the chance to break into the world of entertainment. 

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