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Sony leaks reveal other studios' plans for X-Men, Fantastic Four, Aquaman

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Dec 15, 2014, 5:57 PM EST (Updated)

The Daily Beast has compiled a roundup of some of the movie-related info that has continued to be leaked by hackers who sabotaged the information systems of Sony Pictures. While info regarding a possible deal to allow Spider-Man to cross over to the Marvel Cinematic Universe has already been documented, material is also coming to light about other studios' plans -- all within the context of Sony attempting to figure out what to do with Spidey going forward.

Most of the new intel comes from emails sent to Sony chairperson Amy Pascal by another Sony exec, Columbia Pictures co-president of production Michael De Luca, who appears to have his ear to the ground when it comes to what Sony's competitors are up to. In discussing the idea of creating a series of interlinked films around the Spider-Man "universe," for example, De Luca mentions some similar plans brewing over at Fox:

“(X-Men and Fantastic Four writer/producer Simon) Kinberg told me fox is steering Xmen and Fantastic Four into an eventual team up film. Seems to me maybe, since the Spider-man universe itself is deep, you guys should look at sinister six, new spidey, female movie and venom as linked pieces leading to eventual mega movie ala Feige and Fox and not stand alone single films. It's early in all these and you can still map out a blueprint for connective tissue.”

Although Fox personnel have denied it, rumors that the studio would eventually pair its X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises -- each of which has a long, rich history -- into the studio's own mini-Marvel Universe have been percolating for a while. De Luca's comments seem to confirm that, along with Sony's own plans to scrape together a universe of its own out of various Spidey-related strands.

Meanwhile, in another note, De Luca suggests that The Lego Movie and 22 Jump Street directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller should direct The Amazing Spider-Man 3 -- not a bad idea, actually, since those guys are really good -- and mentions that director Jeff Nichols may be behind the camera for Warner Bros. Pictures' Aquaman

Who is Jeff Nichols? He's worked on the independent scene so far, with his last two movies -- the apocalyptic Take Shelter and the Southern crime drama Mud, both superb films well worth your time -- landing him a deal at Warner Bros., where he's finishing up a sci-fi film called Midnight Special. It's quite possible that Warner is pleased enough with what it's seen of Midnight Special to hand off 2018's Aquaman, starring Jason Momoa, to Nichols.

That actually sounds like a fine idea to me, if in fact De Luca is correct (that remains to be seen). As for that X-Men/Fantastic Four mashup, time will tell if that comes to fruition. But as each new day brings more info from the Sony debacle, we're seeing a much clearer picture of what Sony and now other studios have planned for their superhero franchises.

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