Sony snares animation veteran to direct new animated Spider-Man movie

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Jun 22, 2016, 11:53 AM EDT

Sony's in-development Spider-Man animated feature just grabbed veteran animation director Bob Persichetti to command the web-slinger's big-screen adventures following the 2017 release of Sony/Marvel's Spider-Man: Homecoming.  Sony Pictures Animation has high hopes for this separate venture, and seeing another character in the iconic red and blue suit will be a refreshing departure.  Rumors are that Miles Morales, and not Peter Parker, will be behind the mask, playing the first ever non-white Spider-Man on screen.  Persichetti has considerable experience in the animation industry, working as a story artist and animator on Mulan, Tarzan, Hercules, Monsters vs Aliens and Shrek 2.  He also wrote the screenplay for an upcoming Neflix feature, The Little Prince, and was head of story for Puss in Boots.  According to Sony Pictures Animation, this animated outing “will exist independently of the projects in the live-action Spider-Man universe, all of which are continuing.”


The LEGO Movie's Phil Lord and Chris Miller stepped off the project as directors after they were courted for the Star Wars Anthology Han Solo spinoff film, which starts filming this January in London, but will stick with Sony's Spidey toon as executive producers with Amy Pascal and Avi Arad.  Lord is credited with writing the screenplay for this animated Spider-Man odyssey, and so far, no other info is available on the exact plot details or voice casting choices.  We'll keep you posted!

Sony Pictures Animation's untitled animated Spider-Man movie is set for release on Dec. 21, 2018.

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