Sony's found a blockbuster director to tackle its Robotech franchise

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Apr 30, 2015

After years of suffering various forms of development hell, a live-action Robotech film, which will hopefully lead to a major new phase in the life of the franchise, is finally on track at Sony. The project has producers and even a screenwriter (300 co-writer Michael Gordon), and it looks like things might finally get off the ground this time. There's one ingredient the film doesn't officially have yet, though: a director.

Sony is, understandably, hoping to turn this classic series about humanity's struggle against an alien invasion into a major franchise, something it can keep going for years. To make that work, though, the first film needs to be a hit, and that means it needs a director who knows about spectacle, especially spectacle involving all manner of vehicles. So, who is the studio courting who has that kind of experience?

According to Entertainment Weekly, it's James Wan. The Saw and Insidious director is riding high after the success of his first major action movie, Furious 7, which grossed more than a billion dollars worldwide, and now studios are, naturally, courting him for other lavish, big-budget projects. Just a few weeks ago, a report named Wan the "frontrunner" to direct the first-ever live-action Aquaman movie for Warner Bros., but according to this new EW report, "negotations are underway" for the Robotech job. So, which one is really happening? We'll have to wait and see.

Whatever big-budget project Wan chooses next, he's going to have his hands full over the next few years. He's already set to shoot The Conjuring 2 later this year, and from there he'll likely be heading off to work on another blockbuster. Whether that's Robotech or Aquaman is a bit unclear right now, but what is clear is that, thanks to Furious 7, he's become an action franchise powerhouse in the eyes of studios.

What do you think? Would you like to see Wan take on Robotech?

(Via EW)

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