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Sophie Turner talks Time Freak and what Sansa would do with a time machine

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Nov 9, 2018, 9:06 PM EST (Updated)

As great a show as it is, Game of Thrones must be an emotionally exhausting experience for some of its actors. While there are some lighter moments in the series, by and large GOT is a show where the stars have to dig deep into their well of woe for that "serious actor" mojo.

Which probably explains why Sophie Turner seems to be enjoying herself so much in her new movie, Time Freak. The time-travel romantic comedy is now playing in select theaters in the U.S. and is also available On Demand. Turner stars as Debbie, who breaks up with her genius boyfriend Stillman (played by Asa Butterfield of Ender’s Game). He then proceeds to do what any jilted boyfriend would do in a panic: create a time machine to rewind time and fix all his screwups. The film takes a few surprising detours as it hopscotches between the past and present, and looks at situations that anyone who’s ever been in a relationship can understand.

“When you’re in a relationship with someone, you always wish you could have done something differently. Even the very minute things,” Turner says during a phone conversation with SYFY WIRE.

“Yeah, I think everyone looks back at breakups and thinks, ‘If I had done that thing differently…’,” Butterfield weighs in. “It’s just a very real scenario — if you take away the time travel aspect — in that you always think about what you could’ve done better and wish you had the ability to go back and change that. That opens up a lot of possibilities and funny scenarios in the movie.”

Turner says the second-guessing is something she knows well from her own personal experience. “I’ve broken up with guys before, or had guys break up with me, and I’ve thought about things like, ‘I wish I hadn’t worn that color eye shadow that day.... very small things that seem like nothing, but that you think affected everything leading up to the breakup. I think its quite relatable in that sense,” she says.

Turner recently wrapped up her work on the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones. Given that Sansa Stark has endured all kinds of trauma during her fictional existence, we wondered what would be Sansa’s first stop if she suddenly discovered a time machine in the crypt of Winterfell.

“I think Sansa would use it to undo most things in her life,” she says with a laugh. “I think she would start with not getting together with Joffrey. That would’ve been the first one. Then everything sort of spiraled out from there. I think it was the butterfly effect from there.”

Because the two actors are curently on separate continents, we talked with them on a conference call. Which meant a delay that led to Turner and Butterfield occasionally stepping on each other’s answers. At one point, after they cut each other off while trying to answer a question about their favorite time travel films, Turner jokingly screams, “This f*****g time delay!”

“OK, I’ll go then,” Butterfield says. “I think Groundhog Day is a good one and our film has some similarities. I was never really a Doctor Who fan. I mean, I watched it, but I wasn’t a Whovian — is that what they’re called?”

“I think my favorite — and it’s kind of a time travel thing — is The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” Turner adds. “I really love that movie and I think [Time Freak] shares some things in common with it. I honestly feel our movie is a mix between that one and Hot Tub Time Machine. I adore that movie!”

As anyone knows who’s ever heard her singing “Baby Shark” or her Carpool Karaoke duet with her Thrones sister, Maisie Williams, Turner has a lovely singing voice. Just don’t tell her that. She’s petrified of singing on-camera, which is kind of a problem since she has to do so in Time Freak, as you can see in the clip above.

“It was disgusting. I hated, it, I did,” she admits. “I’ve only sung on camera once before and I had a full-blown panic attack. And for this one, I had to learn to play guitar as well. I wouldn’t sing in front of like, any of the other actors because I was so shy. So they shot my bit, and they had my music playing as they shot behind me on to the crowd, because I wasn’t going to sing live for them because I was so scared. Honestly, it was pretty terrifying. That’s my one thing I hate to do, singing.”

Butterfield thinks she has no reason to feel self-conscious. “I really liked the scene in the bedroom where she’s supposed to be singing a song to me and I’m supposed to look like I’m really enjoying it,” he says. “But inside, my character is like, freaking out. It’s a really fun, silly awkward moment. She did a great job. “

“She had the ukulele down,” Butterfield continues. “I don’t like it when singers sound too good, especially in movies. It doesn’t seem believable. I’m not saying Sophie is a bad singer but, um …[laughs]."

“Wow … wow!” Turner says in mock outrage.

Sometimes Asa, you have to quit while you’re ahead.

Time Freak is now playing in select theaters and On Demand.