Sorry, Chuck fans! Don't get your hopes up for a movie just yet

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Feb 12, 2014, 5:49 PM EST

Ever since NBC’s Chuck called it quits in 2012, fans have been clamoring for a movie followup to the fan-favorite spy-fi series. Well, though it’s still possible, we should apparently not get our hopes up just yet.

In a chat with Entertainment Weekly, series co-creator Josh Schwartz opened up about the show’s enduring legacy and the odds that we’ll ever get any more adventures for the Buy More gang. Though he says “never say never” in regard to a continuation, Schwartz seems to think the series finale is a nice bookend for the series.

Though the recent Veronica Mars revival has fans jonesing for some more movie spinoffs for cult series, Schwartz notes that the difference there is that Mars was cut short — meaning the writers really had a reason to do a movie, as a way to wrap up the lingering plot threads because the story was “not complete.”

Here’s how Schwartz explains it:

“We haven’t really [come up with a sequel idea]. We ended the show. We felt really good about where we ended it. Some of the audience wanted a little more closure, but you always wanna leave something left to the imagination of the viewer. We haven’t yet sat down to say, “OK, if we were going to really do this, what would it be?” I think Zach Levi has some ideas and he’s an imaginative guy and a real storyteller…

We were very fortunate with Chuck. As much as we always felt the end was coming, we did get five seasons of the show and an opportunity to tell a lot of story. So I think for myself and Chris Fedak, I think we’d really wanna make sure we had the right story to tell and felt like we were doing it because “Oh my God this Chuck movie is going to be amazing!” That’s the test. Does it feel like you must do this because the audience is going to love this new take?”

But what if they did bring the show back? Schwartz jokes that a better option might be the Netflix route with a short run of episodes, which Marvel is helping to pioneer with a new slate of original programming on the streaming service. He also alludes to the interconnected Arrested Development approach, which would tell the story from different perspectives:

“Maybe we’d do it Avengers style where you follow Sarah and Chuck on a mission, you’ve got Casey on a mission, you’ve got Jeffster on tour, and then the final season is everyone gets together… [then Chuck’s mom, played by Linda Hamilton will] come swooping into the Chuck/Sarah storyline. And she can also then cross into the Ellie/Captain Awesome storyline to take care of the kids. The Jeffster would obviously be too racy for networks, so it would have to be Netflix or cable.”

Schwartz is obviously joking, but we’d kill to watch that Chuck miniseries. What do you think? Is the story complete, or do you hope they’ll actually get a series about a Chuck sequel?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)