Sorry, Doctor Who fans: Netflix could soon lose the keys to the TARDIS

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Jan 14, 2015, 11:01 AM EST

Binge-watching is arguably the new national pastime these days, but fan-fave sci-fi import Doctor Who could be on the chopping block for Netflix users.

The popular streaming company is in the process of renegotiating a contract with the BBC to continue carrying popular British shows such as Doctor Who, Torchwood, Red Dwarf, Survivors, Fawlty Towers, Coupling etc. For sci-fi fans, the loss is obvious — that’s a whole lot of Doctor Who-related content that could be on the way out.

Since contract negotiations like these are common in this day and age of twisty streaming deals, there’s always a chance the two parties could reach an agreement before the BBC takes its TARDIS and goes home. Here’s hoping this is all just posturing for position in the contract talks and nothing more. The contract is reportedly set to expire Feb. 1.

Silver lining: If Netflix and the BBC are unable to reach an agreement, you can at least take solace that Doctor Who and most of your other British favorites are still up and running on competing streaming service Amazon Prime. Plus, there are always DVD sets to fall back on.

(Via The Mary Sue, The Huffington Post)