Sorry Kate, Divergent star to headline new Underworld film

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Sep 12, 2014, 1:30 PM EDT (Updated)

A couple weeks ago, we reported that Lakeshore Entertainment was interested in rebooting the Underworld franchise. But this latest development throws a monkey wrench in those plans. Instead of starting from scratch, the series will shift its focus to another existing character. Kate Beckinsale's Selene will be replaced by Theo James' vampire David. 

The fifth Underworld film is described as an "expansion of the existing universe" that will feature two new female characters. Those roles have yet to be cast, but filming is scheduled to begin this spring. The screenplay will be written by Cory Goodman, who previously wrote Priest and The Last Witch Hunter

The working title being thrown around is Underworld: Next GenerationThis might ruffle some feathers, as certain fans were yearning for one last Selene outing. To be honest, we're not surprised the studio went this route. James is a star on the rise, and thanks to his leading role in Divergent and its upcoming sequel, he's a worthy investment. 

Even though we're sad to see Selene go, we are interested in the female newcomers. Hopefully at least one of them will be more than just a love interest. That's why we enjoyed the original Underworld so much. Selene's characterization and Beckinsale's delivery were a one-two punch. 

What do you think of Underworld's new direction?

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