Wayward Sisters

Sorry, Wayward Sisters: The CW thinks Supernatural may never breed a spin-off

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Aug 6, 2018, 3:00 PM EDT

During the executive session with president Mark Pedowitz at today’s TCA presentation for The CW, he was asked why Supernatural, the longest-running, live-action fantasy series ever, has never spawned a spin-off series as many of other CW series have. Most recently, a Wayward Sisters spin-off was introduced as a back door pilot in the 13th season but not picked up to series.

Pedowitz told reporters that creatively they were happy with the female-centric series anchored by the Supernatural recurring character, Sheriff Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes), but “we only had so many [open programming] slots and it just didn’t get there.”

Having attempted to develop no less than three official spin-offs, including Ghostfacers, Supernatural: Bloodlines, and the aforementioned Wayward Sisters, Pedowitz admitted that they may be looking at the reality of any Supernatural series existing only because of Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.

Our interpretation is that the network has identified that the strength of Supernatural is Sam and Dean, and that’s the reason for nothing else working autonomously.

For fans pulling to see the franchise's female heroes finally get their shot at solo glory, it's a shame. But if nothing else, keeping Supernatural on the air for another decade or two gives the Wayward clan plenty of chances to come and visit.

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