"Souls Of Totality" Trailer

Exclusive trailer: Doomsday looms over Tatiana Maslany in the short film Souls of Totality

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Mar 12, 2019, 1:00 PM EDT (Updated)

One of life's most frustrating tests is how one chooses to handle a romance when the path that two people are on starts to diverge. 

Now, this SYFY WIRE exclusive trailer for the short film Souls of Totality shows how the looming pressure brought on by a doomsday cult impacts the love shared between two of its members: one who's destined to transition to the next plane of existence, and one who's told their job is to stay behind.

Set during the Great American Eclipse, Souls of Totality stars Tatiana Maslany, who won an Emmy for her acclaimed work on the sci-fi/clone drama Orphan Black. Here, she plays Lady 18, who falls in love with fellow cult member Guy 3.

As they anticipate their day of reckoning, Lady 18 finds out she's to stay behind and help shepherd the next group of souls. This leaves her with the choice to do as she's instructed, or defy orders in the name of love. 

Souls of Totality Tatiana Maslany


The script was written by Stranger Things scribe Kate Trefry and Ben Bolea, with Richard Raymond directing. The short's gripping climax was filmed in one take during the actual Great American Eclipse, a first in the history of filmmaking. 

The ambition seems to have paid off, as Souls of Totality was screened at more than a dozen film festivals around the world. So far, it's won Best Grand Jury Award at Hollyshorts, Best Short Film of the Festival at Raindance, the Best Film of the Festival at St. Louis, and the Most Popular Film at Rhode Island. Raymond was also given a "Special Mention for Direction" at the Edinburgh International Film Festival back in June. 

Souls of Totality will premiere Monday, Nov. 26, on Dust's YouTube channel