Soundtrack playlist gives away some Amazing Spider-Man plot secrets

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Dec 17, 2012

The finer points of Marc Webb's Amazing Spider-Man have been kept pretty well under wraps, though the official soundtrack listing does offer some mighty big spoilers as to which parts of the Peter Parker comic canon made the cut. Potential spoilers ahead!

The biggest revelation? It seems, contrary to speculation that he might hang around until a potential sequel, that Peter Parker's (Andrew Garfield) beloved Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen) does die. Ben's death is a fundamental part of Spidey's origin tale and also factored heavily into Sam Raimi's 2002 Spider-Man.

With The Amazing Spider-Man taking a different tack on the classic Spidey story, we never really knew for sure if Ben would still bite the dust. Judging by the track "Ben's Death," it seems pretty likely.

Apart from that confirmation, we also get hints about some potential action set pieces, via "The Bridge" and "Rumble in the Subway."

The Amazing Spider-Man opens July 3.

Check out the full track listing below:

01. "Main Title / Young Peter" (4:54)
02. "Becoming Spider-Man" (4:16)
03. "Playing Basketball" (1:22)
04. "Hunting For Information" (2:07)
05. "The Briefcase" (3:14)
06. "The Spider Room / Rumble In The Subway" (3:20)
07. "Secrets" (2:30)
08. "The Equation" (4:22)
09. "The Ganali Device" (2:28)
10. "Ben's Death" (5:41)
11. "Metamorphosis" (3:04)
12. "Rooftop Kiss" (2:34)
13. "The Bridge" (5:15)
14. "Peter's Suspicions" (3:01)
15. "Making a Silk Trap" (2:52)
16. "Lizard At School!" (2:57)
17. "Saving New York" (7:52)
18. "Oscorp Tower" (3:22)
19. "I Can't See You Anymore" (6:50)
20. "Promises / Spider-Man End Titles" (4:52)

Sound off: Are you glad they seem to have kept Ben's death as part of what drives Peter Parker to don the mask?

(Comic Book Movie via John Williams Fan Network)