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South Park is trying to cancel South Park, and we may have reached peak insanity

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Sep 12, 2018, 10:55 PM EDT

The animated series South Park has been on the air since 1997. Created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the filthy (and sometimes current event-based) show just can't be stopped. It's not as big as it was during its golden years, but it's still on, still being made, and still ticking... whenever Parker and Stone feel like making it, that is. 

In a bizarre twist worthy of the crazy show itself, someone is trying to get the long-running series canceled. Here's the twist —  what's trying to cancel South Park is... South Park. You read that correctly. If you feel an extreme sense of fear at what we just wrote, do not panic — it is only a sign that you, yourself, are still sane. South Park may not be, however.

The show will soon be ready to launch Season 22, and this is the teaser advertisement that they released: 

No images, no hint of a storyline, not even a shot of nostalgia reminding us all of the glory days, like when Lemmiwinks climbed through a grown man's butt set to a song that sounded like it was ripped out of the Rankin Bass version of The Hobbit. All we get are words (with voiceover) on a black screen that read, "America has reached a crossroads. What will we do next? #cancelsouthpark." The bottom of the screen announces that new episodes will be released on Sept. 26. 

So... um... are Parker and Stone just flat-out finished with this and want it to end? Is this just a marketing ploy? Does the once insane world of South Park now look downright tame compared to the real one that we're living in? Many internet trolls take the constant vitriol spewed by the racist/misogynist/hate-filled Eric Cartman as something to aspire to. Are Parker and Stone finally realizing that such thinking is greatly problematic at best? Has a show ever actively campaigned for its own cancellation as a marketing strategy? 

The South Park twitter account is getting in on this "shoot us in the head" plan as well, enthusiastically responding to fans that are upset by the movement, as can be seen in the tweet below. A fan quoted an older South Park catchphrase at them ("Screw you guys, I'm going home") and the account just responded with, "Totally! South Park starts September 26th." 

Though the tweet did include the #cancelsouthpark hashtag, it also included the premiere date. All of this is making us wonder if Parker and Stone are truly going to go full-on scorched earth this season. Actively rooting for their own cancelation is one way to get people to watch, and perhaps they want a huge audience to witness whatever fresh hell they are about to unleash. One always got the feeling that if Parker and Stone ever finished the show, they'd do it on their own terms — advertising for their own demise could just be the beginning. 

Remember the "Le Resistance" medley from South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut? That was a great moment. Anyway, new episodes will debut on Comedy Central starting on Sept. 26. Are you strong enough to tune in, because here it comes you f**king rat