In Soviet Russia, UFOs report YOU

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May 16, 2008

OK, I know, but in my defense I saw Jakov Smirnoff live years ago and he was really funny. Honestly.

Anyway, my bud James Oberg has a great article on MSNBC about UFO sightings. He reports on one in detail that took place in Eastern Europe and Russia a few years ago. It sounds like an iron-clad case for an ET ship... until you look at all the evidence.

The direction of the apparition being seen simultaneously near Minsk provided another "look angle." If the vectors of the eyewitnesses are plotted on a map, they tend to converge out over the Barents Sea, far from land. This made the triggering mechanism for the sightings — assuming they were all of the same phenomenon — even more extraordinary.

I won't spoil it for you. Go read the article. But remember all this when some UFO proponent talks about airline pilots being rock-solid eyewitnesses. Just because they fly planes doesn't mean they understand everything they see out the cockpit window.

And when you hear a UFO report, ask yourself what the report is missing. Just about anything can sound like Klaatu is about to land on a Washington DC baseball diamond if one or two key parts are left out.

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