Space: 1999's creators launch Kickstarter campaign for new sci-fi puppet series

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Oct 1, 2014, 3:34 PM EDT

The immense contributions to science fiction and fantasy entertainment by British puppetmasters Gerry and Sylvia Anderson are unquestionable, with old-school marionette programs like Captain Scarlet, Supercar and Stingray and live-action spectacles such as Space:1999 and U.F.O.  

Anderson's crack anti-terrorism squad, Firestorm, first lit up the small screen back in 2003 as a Japanese anime series by Enoki Films.  The response was less than enthusiastic, but now Anderson's son, Jamie, has gone back to his dad's original concept bible for inspiration to gather the strings once again for another stab at Firestorm.  He's now campaigning for cash through Kickstarter to complete an 8-minute "minisode" for a new puppet series filmed in Ultramarionation as a salute to those sensationally strange Gerry Anderson shows of the past, such as Thunderbirds and Fireball XL5.   Have a look at his fundraising trailer, which includes a retrospective of his late father's monumental work in puppetry and special effects.  The Kickstarter goals are to raise $77,000 with hopes to triple that figure, allowing them to shoot a proper 22-minute episode and return to tangible, practical filmmaking using many of the methods pioneered by his father.   

Do you think Firestorm deserves a second shot, and are you up for tossing some bucks Anderson's way?

(Via io9)