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Sep 10, 2007

A new online magazine has hit teh interwebs, and it's called Space Lifestyle. Oddly, it's not about what spacesuit to wear after Labor Day; it's actually for enthusiasts of space and space travel. The first issue is breezy and fun, with articles about Yuri's Night, Gliece 581C, and oh yeah-- me.

Seriously, journalist Nancy Atkinson (who also writes for Universe Today) called me ages ago to do an interview with me, and it's in the premier issue. I like it! It's sycophantic without being too sycophantic, which appeals to my humble vanity.

Overall it looks like a promising magazine. For the most part the writing is enthusiastic without being cloying (my one complaint is the new window it launches which is difficult to navigate). They also encourage your feedback, so if there is something you like, or something you don't, let them know. Incidentally, they are giving away a seat on a "zero-g" parabolic flight to their 60,000th subscriber. I imagine they'll get a lot of takers for that, but I won't be among them: despite my now-legendary ability to not get seasick, I still get woozy on a kid's swing set, so the inevitable throwing up constantly for an hour is not my idea of a dream date.

I think that in time the magazine can shape up to be a really good read for people interested in space and space travel, so check it out. Leave comments here if you'd like; I'm sure they'll make their way back to the folks at the magazine.

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