Space station aims to be first space-based nation; now accepting citizenship applications

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Oct 17, 2016

If the state of the world has you looking to get to another country, there might be one option a whole lot further than Canada or Europe.

The proposed space-based nation Asgardia is now accepting citizenship applications. The plan is basically this: The leaders of the project want to create the first space-based nation in a giant station that will exist in low-Earth orbit, with aims to eventually house as many as 100 million space colonists. Group leaders hope to launch their first satellite in 2017, though they obviously still have a long way to go until they actually put people into space (or create a station where they can actually live and work).

Space reports the nation will be a democracy with an emphasis on the “freedom of the individual to develop space technologies,” according to Igor Ashurbeyli, Asgardia project team leader and founder. If this far-out project sounds like a country you’d like to join, they’re taking citizenship applications here

The group hopes to team up with nations that are just getting into the space race, in an effort to open up the technology and access to more countries. Which is certainly a noble idea.

This is very cool, but obviously, it’s insanely far-fetched. If the United States government can barely afford to send a few astronauts to Mars in a few decades, how on Earth could this upstart nation hope to build a space station ripped from the pages of science fiction? We’d love to see them succeed, but if you plan on applying for citizenship, at least try to temper your expectations.

(Via Space)

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