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Space the Nation: How would the DC heroes vote, if they could vote?

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Oct 30, 2018, 3:00 PM EDT

How would the characters from the DC universe vote, if they could vote?

This is our third entry in a series examining how characters from our favorite franchises might see American politics. See the Avengers here, and Star Wars here.


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Wonder Woman 1984 Gal Gadot

Wonder Woman

Ideal 2020 candidate and why: Kamala Harris — her congressional testimony interrogation skills (who needs a Lasso of Truth when you have Kamala?)

Signature policy goals: Immigration, gender equality, criminal justice reform

Favorite podcast:Strong Female Characters

Superman Header


Ideal 2020 candidate and why: Beto O’Rourke — his activism on behalf of illegal immigrants and dedication to exercise.

Signature policy goals: Abolishing ICE, climate change

Favorite podcast: “Pod Save the People

Batman Ben Affleck


Ideal 2020 candidate and why: Joseph Kennedy, III — his use of a familial legacy and wealth for good and not evil.

Signature policy goals: Gun control, prosecuting hate crimes, maintaining the federal prohibition on marijuana

Favorite podcast:The Weeds

Supergirl Melissa Benoist


Ideal 2020 candidate and why: Kirsten Gillibrand — her ability to evolve on issues (like going from an A rating from the National Rifle Associate to an F).

Signature policy goals: Climate change, equal pay, civil rights protection for LGTBQIA+ people

Favorite podcast:Nancy

Aquaman Movie DC Comics


Ideal 2020 candidate and why: Tom Steyer — his climate change activism and willingness to ignore conventional wisdom.

Signature policy goals: Access to clean water

Favorite podcast:Warm Regards

The Flash

The Flash

Ideal 2020 candidate and why: John Kasich — plain midwestern common sense and a commitment to mental health services.

Signature policy goals: Wrongful conviction compensation, science education

Favorite podcast:Crimetown


Green Arrow

Ideal 2020 candidate and why: Mark Cuban — he’s a self-made man with an idiosyncratic approach to politics; not much of a “joiner.”

Signature policy goals: Maritime safety, international development

Favorite podcast:The Tim Ferriss Show"



Ideal 2020 candidate and why: Cory Booker — his relentless optimism and proposal for a universal job guarantee program.

Signature policy goals: Education, disrupting the school-to-prison pipeline, income inequality, racial justice

Favorite podcast: : “Code Switch