Space the Nation: if the Avengers could vote, some of them might not

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Aug 14, 2018, 3:00 PM EDT

This week, an attempt to look at politics in genre rather than finding genre in politics. Critics may write-off comic books as aimed at the lowest-common-denominator (small-d “democratic,” if you will) while fans may assume them to be walled off from the internecine debates of the daily news, but comics are arguably the most inherently political of all genres.

Every single origin story (hero or villain) turns on a matter of policy or identity — government-funded experiments, street violence, a miscarriage of justice, being an illegal immigrant, genetic discrimination... none of these things are apolitical, no matter how much readers might wish them to be. That said, we usually only get hints about the day-to-day political thoughts and views of our favorite superheroes.

So Cher Martinetti, SYFY FANGRRLS' HBIC, and I turned our obsessive eyes on the Avengers (with the caveat that this is largely based on the cinematic universe and the events of Infinity War are some time in the future). How would they vote, if they could vote? Spoiler alert: Some of them wouldn't.

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Top stories
Tony Stark, Iron Man

Iron Man/Tony Stark

Political affiliation: Whoever is in power. Maxes out donations to anyone that seems like they might win.

Bumper sticker you might see: “Taxation is theft.”

Last voted for: Doesn’t bother to actually go to the polls. “I vote by check.”

At the moment: Talks smack about Trump to his friends, expresses concern in public, but accepted position on advisory panel.

Pepper Potts, Iron Man 3

Pepper Potts

Political affiliation: Registered independent

Bumper sticker you might see: NPR window decal

Last voted for: Hillary Clinton (reluctantly)

At the moment: Recently unfollowed Trump on Twitter.


Bruce Banner

Political affiliation: Rose emoji Democratic Socialist.

Bumper sticker you might see: “Health care is a human right”

Last voted for: Bernie Sanders in the primary, was trapped on Sakaar (in Hulk) during the general

At the moment: Listening to a lot of Chapo Trap House.



Political affiliation: SMASH

Bumper sticker: SMASH

Last voted for: SMASH SMASH SMASH

At the moment: Listening to a lot of Chapo Trap House.



Political affiliation: Isn’t quite sure what political parties are, still figuring out democracy (“So the humans rule themselves?”)

Bumper sticker: “Coexist”

Last voted for: “You’re serious, you just let ANYONE run your country if other people 'vote' for them? Extraordinary.”

At the moment: Left the U.S. after visa difficulties.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier- Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson (Falcon)

Falcon/Sam Wilson

Political affiliation: Democrat

Bumper sticker: “There’s no such thing as an unwounded soldier.”

Last voted for: Hillary Clinton (realistically)

At the moment: Volunteering for Vote Vets.

Captain America, Steve Rogers beard

Captain America/Steve Rogers

Political affiliation: Democrat

Bumper sticker: Faded and barely legible “Obama/Biden ‘08”

Last voted for: Hillary Clinton (enthusiastically)

At the moment: Personally protecting anyone threatened by Trump Administration actions. Very busy.


Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff

Political affiliation: Anti-communist/anarchist

Bumper sticker: Pussy Riot window decal

Last voted for: Hillary Clinton (illegally)

At the moment: Keeping an eye on the Robert Mueller investigation — some of those names seem awfully familiar...


Hawkeye/Clint Barton

Political affiliation: Registered independent

Bumper sticker: “Archers Are Arrow-Minded”

Last voted for: Donald Trump (reluctantly)

At the moment: Refuses to watch cable news; hoping Trump’s trade war doesn’t do too much damage to the farm economy.

Avengers: Infinity War- Doctor Strange

Dr. Stephen Strange

Political affiliation: Not registered to vote at current address

Bumper sticker: A mandala

Last voted for: Mitt Romney

At the moment: Suspects that American democracy is too fragile to continue, has decided to withhold his vote as protest against the corrupt nature of the system.


Spider-Man/Peter Parker

Political affiliation: Excited to be old enough to vote!

Bumper sticker: “#NeverAgain”

Last voted for: Homecoming court

At the moment: Re-tweeting Emma Gonzales.

Rhodey, Iron Man 2

War Machine/James Rhodes

Political affiliation: Conservative Democrat

Bumper sticker: “Eagles fly!”

Last voted for: John McCain

At the moment: Volunteering and raising money for Team Rubicon.