Space-X to launch Falcon 1 Monday night!

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Jul 13, 2009

[Update 2: SpaceFlightNow reports that Elon Musk, head of Space X, is calling the launch a success. Yay!]

[Update: they are in an indefinite hold, waiting for weather. They are hoping to launch at 03:35 GMT.]

Sorry for the late posting, but I've been traveling today back from TAM, and I'm exhausted.

But I just learned that Space-X is launching their Falcon 1 rocket at 21:00 Mountain time (03:00 GMT) which is in about 25 minutes as I write this! They are webcasting the launch live, and I'll tweet it if I can. The mission is to launch a Malaysian RazakSAT satellite.

Hurry and click that link to watch it live!

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