Space race secrets revealed in new Transformers trailer

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:51 PM EST

Michael Bay and his gang of CGI robots in disguise are back in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and this time it's personal. And by "personal," I mean "more explodey than ever." Impossible, you say? Have you seen the trailer? It's pretty darn blowy-uppy (yes, that's a technical term). But there's more to it than just that.

"Our entire space race of the 1960s was in response to an event." Those are the first lines as we get a glimpse of, surprise, surprise, the moon. It seems like humanity has been keeping secrets from Optimus and the Autobots for quite some time, secrets about their own home planet, secrets that are coming home to roost just in time for the summer season of popcorn flicks. It's hard to say what exactly the enemy is, but we know that it landed on the moon, that part of it was taken back to Earth (Area 51, anyone?), that it's scary as hell, and that it will involve an old favorite baddie from Transformers toys past, Shockwave.

The film's tone is decidedly different from Bay's usual, too. There's something thematic in tone and score with, of all things, Inception, and it's more than just buildings blowing apart (okay, that's a big part of it). Could it be that this summer will be less about weird racial stereotypes and more about big old robot philosophical introspection?

Hard to say ... but one thing is for certain: EXPLOSIONS!

What did you think of the trailer?