Spaced Out comedy in development from Bill Lawrence for CBS

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Dec 16, 2017

Is commercial space travel as tedious as air travel? Are there long lines? What about bag check? We might find out soon in a new TV show from creator Bill Lawrence.

In addition to Scrubs, Lawrence is known for comedies such as Spin City and Cougar Town, and now he is looking to the stars, developing a new show for CBS called Spaced Out. The show takes place in the world of commercial space travel -- which some hope is a not-too-distant reality. We don't know much about the show thus far other than it's multi-camera (like a traditional sitcom, which makes sense for CBS) and will be a workplace comedy. The show previously was made into a pilot for NBC as a single-camera comedy but ultimately wasn't picked up.

Earlier this year it was announced that Lawrence is executive-producing a supernatural drama for The CW called Dead Inside about a cop who solves crimes with the ghost of her dead brother. 

No word on when Spaced Out might air in our galaxy -- or if it ever will. But the idea of people in an industry as cool as space travel working a grind just like us is appealing.

(via Variety)

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