SpaceX has set a price list to haul satellites into space on Falcon rockets

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May 2, 2016

With a solid track record of mostly successful launches (and landings!), SpaceX is is now gearing up to begin offering more of its services to the public at large. Well, corporations and research agencies, to be specific.

The private space firm has announced its price list to launch satellites into space, with different prices depending on whether you want a ride on the standard Falcon 9 or the more powerful Falcon Heavy. Base price for a Falcon 9 launch is $62 million, while hitching to a Falcon Heavy will cost a cool $90 million. 

Even cooler? SpaceX is already breaking down how much weight can be carried depending on the target location. If you’re looking to just get a satellite (or small craft) up into low-Earth orbit, or geosynchronous transfer orbit, the Falcon 9 should do the job. But wanting to #GetYourAssToMars? The Falcon Heavy is the way to go. NASA estimates the Falcon Heavy is capable of carrying approximately 29,900 pounds to the Red Planet.

Though this info doesn’t really mean a much to the average wannabe astronaut, it does bode well for the future. As private companies like SpaceX gain more experience and expertise (and get better at reusing rockets and craft), those prices will almost certainly start to creep down. Today it’s satellite costs, in a few years (or a bit more, probably) it could be literal tickets to space.


(Via SpaceX, Gizmodo)

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