SpaceX releases stunning sizzle reel of recent launches and reentries

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Aug 10, 2016, 5:05 PM EDT (Updated)

SpaceX is leading the charge among private space companies, and they’ve been strapping high-res cameras to just about everything along the way the past couple years. So, what are some of the coolest things they’ve managed to record?

The company has put together a sizzle reel of ultra-tight, ultra high-res footage from several recent launches, showing off rocket burns, flights and all the other stuff that gets us all geeked out. Seriously, it’s gorgeous stuff. The featured missions include: May JCSAT-14; July CRS-9 launch, stage separation, engine plume interaction, and re-entry burn; December 2015 ORBCOMM landing burn; and July CRS-9 landing burn.

Sure, SpaceX is obviously trying to build some buzz for its efforts, but it’s great to see the company putting such a keen focus on getting this footage out there in digestible ways for folks to enjoy. As the company starts getting more ambitious (including most notably an unmanned Mars mission in the next two years), here’s hoping they keep cranking out cool videos like this one.

Check out the compilation below and let us know what you think:

(Via SpaceX)