Spare the rod but spoil the curtain

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Dec 18, 2005

Comparison shopping websites are all the rage. They do the online searching for you, grab prices for products, and display them so you can pick which one you like best. In fact, it's a pretty cool service, and I read a few every now and again.

But somehow I don't think I'll be using Your Shopping Showcase. Here is what they say they do:

Your Shopping Showcase features a wide variety of great products for home and work. We have done all the research on these on these fine merchants, so you can rest assured that you will find what you need at the right price. There are also articles and other bits of information that you can browse. Please feel free to look around and click on any of the links that interest you.

Great, eh? So let's say you want to buy a shower curtain. Where does it send you?

To my pareidolia page. Seriously. Here's the link: Shower Rods & Rings (Shower Curtain).

If my page helps you make your decision to buy bathroom supplies, then I have a Moon hoax to sell you.

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