Spawn, Millarworld, pig girl erotica, and more detailed at Image Expo

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Feb 22, 2018, 6:59 PM EST (Updated)

At today’s Image Expo, the project-announcing platform of Image Comics, two comic favorites, Todd McFarlane and Mark Millar, detailed upcoming projects and flexed their crossover chops, while an exciting pulse of new blood pumped through a number of new series.

Let's start with McFarlane’s Spawn news. As the McFarlane-directed film heads into production, five Spawn-related series will be coming from the Image founder. First is the ongoing Spawn series, which is about to hit Issue #300, accompanied by Misery, another ongoing series about a teen girl attempting to protect the abused. Along with those two are three relatively whimsical-sounding miniseries: Medieval Spawn/Witchblade, Spawn Kills Everyone 2, and Sam and Twitch: True Detectives. Twitch’s appearance should be of interest to fans because McFarlane’s film sets him as the protagonist.

Next up is Millar’s co-project with Oliver Coipel, The Magic Order. The first project from Millarworld after its purchase by Netflix, the six-issue series will be released through Image this summer -- though speculation presumed Netflix might handle that themselves.

Now for the new stuff announced at Image Expo today:

There’s one about Hitler’s kid being the key to ending World War II (Anthony Del Col, Jeff McComsey, and Geoff Moore’s Son of Hitler), one about magic horny teens (Sam Humphries and Jen Bartel’s Blackbird), one about a mercenary Robin Hood screw-up (Gerry Duggan and John McCrea’s Dead Rabbit), and another that deals with heist-ridden healthcare concerns (Rick Remender and Bengal’s Death or Glory).

Some are funny, like the bumbling magicians of Leviathan, while others are intense, like Jook Joint’s realistic take on brothel life. The rest, below, are somewhere in between to various degrees:

Bloodstrike: Brutalists by Michel Fiffe: The undead ‘90s superhero squad is back!

Crowded by Christopher Sebela, Ted Brandt and Ro Stein: Life and death come from the online masses in this drama.

Dead Guy Fan Club by Annie Wu: An idol’s murder turns his fanbase into detectives, though one may be the killer.

Echolands by Haden Blackman and J.H. Williams: The final war for Earth is here, and it's as wild as you might imagine.

Farmhand by Rob Guillory: A biologist grows human body parts. Yikes.

The Last Siege by Landry Q. Walker and Justin Greenwood: What if King Arthur’s crew got The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly treatment?

Proxima Centauri by Farel Dalrymple: A teen is lost in space, traveling through dimensions in a psychedelic wonderland.

The Red Hook by Dean Haspiel: The web comic turns print when part of New York becomes sentient. Really.

Shanghai Red by Christopher Sibela and Joshua Hixon: An early 1900s sailor spans the globe for revenge and adventure.

Unnatural by Mirka Andolfo: An erotic comic about a pig girl living in a human world. That's right: pig girl erotica.

The Weather Man by Jody LeHeup and Nathan Fox: Is a local weatherman the cause of unprecedented terrorism? Don’t ask him, he’s not sure.

What’s The Furthest Place From Here? by Matthew Rosenberg and Tyler Boss: Traveling punks forge friendships in a world that doesn’t want them.

Which new series are you most intrigued by? Let us know in the comments!

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

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