Speak Klingon with your phone as part of Microsoft's latest Siri-esque update

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Oct 6, 2014, 1:19 PM EDT (Updated)

If you’re a Star Trek fan and, just like those adorable geeks on The Big Bang Theory, loooove to speak Klingon any day of the week, then you’ve got to get your hands on a Windows Phone (if you don't already have one).


Because its Cortana digital assistant is now able to speak Klingon, thanks to some clever work by the good folks (make that engineers) over at Microsoft. Ask the app to “speak Klingon,” and you can play around with several Star Trek-themed responses. See it like a big, Alpha Quadrant-sized sandbox for Trekkies.

For example, Cortana will now let you beam yourself up and set phasers to stun,” all simply by talking to your phone.

This isn't a pointless addition (at least to all Trekkies/Trekkers at large), since Microsoft is currently sponsoring the third annual Star Trek conference in London. This bold new move where no one has gone before will serve to improve Cortana’s profile at the event. Sure, it's a marketing ploy, but it's still a good one.

This new nifty linguistic feature is sadly only available to users in the U.K. right now (the feature has also been timed to coincide with the launch of the latest Lumia 830 handset in Britain), but Microsoft has confirmed that the feature will be beaming to the U.S. in the coming weeks.

Slashgear sets out some of the phrases that you can try with Klingon activated; apparently including the rather provocative (for some Trekkies or Star Wars fans, anyway) and perennial question: “Star Wars or Star Trek?”  It also points out that Klingon translations are available through Bing, so you can search for revenge that is best served cold.

Klingon aside, Cortana is a key component in Microsoft’s ever-evolving Windows strategy, and its importance could grow even more once it lands on PC desktops with the Windows 10 update next year.

Microsoft has been busy positioning Cortana as a more advanced alternative to Siri and Google Now in much of its advertising. Among the features recently added to the app was support for Insteon smart home devices. if they're wise, they'll start pushing the Klingon features. Hey, whatever it takes to differentiate, right?

So, will you guys be getting the new Klingon app?

(via Digital Trends)

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