Spectacular new Star Wars pinball games are headed to your galaxy

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:12 AM EDT (Updated)

If you've got crazy flipper fingers like Elton John's iconic Pinball Wizard in The Who's rock opera, Tommy, you're gonna dig these new Star Wars 40th Anniversary pinball machines from Stern Pinball. Each eye-catching model features cutting-edge digital lighting effects, pulse-pounding sound and 3D starship models. But don't think all this electronic joy comes cheap, with suggested retail prices ranging from $6,199 to $8,999.

“We are excited to bring these pinball machines celebrating the Star Wars galaxy and adventures to our fans,” said Gary Stern, Chairman and CEO of Stern Pinball. “Our Star Wars Pinball machines give fans a fun, new way to enjoy the nonstop action and new game sounds, features and effects.”

Here's the official press release:

Stern Pinball, Inc., the world's oldest and largest producer of arcade-quality pinball machines, proudly announced today the availability of a new line of pinball machines celebrating the Star Wars 40th Anniversary. Star Wars pinball machines will be available in Pro, Premium and Limited Edition models. The game will immerse players in the dynamic and challenging Star Wars pinball environment as they battle to restore justice to the Galaxy.

Stern’s Star Wars Pro, Premium and Limited Edition machines are packed with features that provide an irresistible game experience. The game includes select speech and footage from the original Star Wars trilogy; color-changing LED-lighted inserts; a sculpted LED-lit Millennium Falcon; and a sculpted TIE Fighter. The Limited Edition and Premium models also feature two LCD screens, an exploding Death Star interactive display, and a hyperspace ramp.

In addition to the immersive theme and exciting game experience, Stern Pinball’s SPIKE-2 electronic platform enables high-definition graphics and innovative animations. The state-of-art electronic system also powers a high-fidelity 3-channel audio system that is three times more powerful than audio systems of previous generations. Star Wars Pinball entertains with an amazing array of modern and classic features, making it suitable for all skill levels.

Check out the full gallery of preview images below, no quarters required, and tell us if these sweet Star Wars arcade games give you a strong case of pinball fever.

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