Speed-watch the Harry Potter series in 78 minutes

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Nov 29, 2016, 5:43 PM EST

When it comes to the eight-part Harry Potter film series, did you like the Dursley family? Me neither. Filmmaker and editor Tim Stiefler created “Wizardhood,” a fan film that has edited them out … along with other non-essential storylines from the Potter-verse. What you get is a 78-minute version of the series we know and love. 

“Wizardhood” tells the tale of Harry Potter, only a more streamlined version of what you’ve seen on the big screen. If a scene in the Potterverse doesn’t contribute to the story of Harry Potter and his destined battle with Voldemort, or the relationship between Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, it’s not here. 

It’s not a perfect fan edit, as Stiefler was a little heavy-handed with the editing scissors: My favorite J.K. Rowling character, Luna Lovegood, was removed, as was Severus Snape’s motivation — one of the most poignant backstories in fantasy film. Plus, it's a little disorienting to see the characters age up so quickly. 

But “Wizardhood” also has kept some lovely, quiet moments, such as when Harry follows Snape’s doe patronus through a forest. Kudos.

It’s a speed run of fun. Check it out.

Via io9.