Spider-Man and She-Hulk show up in first look at Howard The Duck's new comic

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Mar 9, 2015, 10:26 AM EDT

Mostly forgotten Marvel character Howard the Duck is enjoying a renaissance thanks to a nifty cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy, and his latest comic foray boasts some super-cameos.

The debut issue of the new Howard the Duck comic arrives March 11, and a handful of preview pages (along with several variant covers) have been released to give us a feel for the quirky vibe we can expect from the Marvel Universe’s newest private eye. The tone seems fun and snarky, and the preview pages make it clear Howard is most definitely a part of the superheroic world — albeit reluctantly.

We get to see both She-Hulk and Spider-Man pop in, and Howard seems to definitely be playing by his own set of rules. Howard is apparently fishing around for Black Cat thanks to a paying case, so he “procures” Spider-Man’s number from She-Hulk to see if he can help. This being Howard, he isn’t terribly nice about asking.  Here’s what writer Chip Zdarsky had to say about the tone of the series to Marvel:

“I think keeping the tone is important, but it’s been a while since Howard's been on the scene. There’s a whole new world of stuff to be exasperated by! I just keep re-reading his previous appearances to get a rhythm to it, y’know,” he notes. “Howard isn't my character, he’s Steve Gerber’s, but Steve used him to explore weird things and ideas and that's what I’ll do as well. Hopefully. Unless I just go ahead and make him an X-Man.”

Check out the sample pages below and let us know what you think of the series. Is this one going on your pull list?

(Via Comic Book Movie)