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Spider-Man, Armageddon actor Stanley Anderson dies at 78

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Jun 28, 2018, 12:05 PM EDT

Authoritative stage, film, and TV actor Stanley Anderson died on Sunday, June 24 at age 78 after a six-week battle with brain cancer.

Anderson, though a 20-year veteran of the stage, is best known for his performances in TV (as the judge in the Seinfeld finale, former caretaker Delbert Grady in The Shining miniseries, and as a one-off agent in The X-Files) and film (as the President in both Michael Bay’s Armageddon and The Rock).

Anderson also played General Slocum in 2002’s Spider-Man. Slocum was a business rival of Norman Osborn who is an early victim of the Green Goblin. You can see a clip of his performance below opposite Willem Dafoe:

According to Deadline, Anderson also did voiceover work in commercials for Democratic politicians and campaign issues. “He was most proud, ultimately, of the part he played in politics,” his family said.