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Spider-Man busts out three new suits in new PS4 game trailer

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May 6, 2018, 5:04 PM EDT (Updated)

One new supersuit is cool, but you know what’s REALLY cool? Three new supersuits. In the new PS4 game (out in September) starring the webhead, Spider-Man will be donning three different costumes that fans may or may not recognize from his appearances in other media. The cinematic world has seen many iterations of Peter Parker, but the game will meld them all into one hyper-Marvel machine — especially as the Avengers are working their way to the box office.

That’s because, in support of Infinity War, the highly anticipated game has released a new trailer highlighting some of the possible looks that Spidey could be working as he endeavors to keep his neighborhood safe. If you know anything about Spider-Man’s relationship with Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, you know that suits sometimes make the man (or at least the father figure). One of the outfits Parker wears in the trailer reflects this relationship and the upcoming film.

Take a look:

So we get to see Spider-Man’s regular outfit, then the homemade, ramshackle hoodie rags of Spider-Man: Homecoming, then the sleek Iron Man-hybrid of the Iron Spider suit. You’ll have to pre-order Marvel’s Spider-Man to get the Spidey Suit Pack that, as of this posting, grants access to three suits with different appearances and abilities — in addition to a ton of other bonus content.

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