Spider-Man execs kill our dreams of seeing Miles Morales on the big screen

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May 1, 2014, 4:51 PM EDT (Updated)

Fresh off some intriguing comments from Amazing Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield hinting that the studio might consider passing the mantle to a different comic Spidey, studio execs have stepped up to clarify. Producer Matt Tolmach put it about as plainly as possible: “No.”

When word broke Columbia Pictures wanted to turn Spider-Man into its own connected corner of the Marvel universe, fans started to wonder if they might follow some comic arcs and eventually introduce alternate Spider-Men like Miles Morales (Ultimate Spider-Man), Ben Reilly (clone Spider-Man) or Miguel O'Hara (Spider-Man 2099).

With Garfield saying he’s probably done after Amazing Spider-Man 3, it made some sense they could turn to a modern fan favorite like Morales for a film or two, but it looks like the studio has no interest in following suit with some of those comic heroes. With that, it seems the only option would be to potentially recast/reboot (again) the role.

Here’s how producer Avi Arad explained it in an interview with The Playlist, whole noting a Spider-Man movie must “absolutely” feature Peter Parker as the web-crawler:

“No. The one thing you cannot do, when you have a phenomena that has stood the test of time, you have to be true to the real character inside – who is Peter Parker? What are the biggest effects on his life? Then you can draw in time, and you can consider today's world in many ways. But to have multiple ones… I don't know if you remember, but Marvel tried it. And it was almost the end of Spider-Man.”

Marvel Studios has found success by showing respect to the comic canon and digging deep (see: gutsy moves like Guardians of the Galaxy), and we’d think a big-screen Miles Morales could be just the breath of fresh air the franchise could need in a few years. What do you think?

(Via The Playlist)

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