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Spider-Man fan explains how his marriage proposal turned into one sad video game Easter Egg

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Sep 9, 2018

Now that Marvel's Spider-Man game for the PS4 is out in the world, fans everywhere have spent the last few days web-slinging around the open world of New York City, taking in all the side-quests and easter eggs that are hidden throughout.

One such easter egg, however, has a charming backstory that ended up turning sour by the time the game actually happened.

As Polygon explains, the whole thing started way back in May, when Spidey fan Tyler Schultz tweeted at Insomniac Games asking if they'd work in a proposal to his longtime girlfriend, Maddie. 

Insomniac Games loved the idea and tweeted back at Schultz asking if it was possible to wait until September 7, the game's launch date, after making sure that she wouldn't be reading his Twitter replies.

Schultz replied back, saying that since they'd been together five years "I think she’ll still be around in September lol."

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case, and by the time September 7 rolled around, Schultz was a newly single man. His proposal, however, was still visible on a movie theater marquee.

Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 marriage proposal

Yesterday, Schultz took to YouTube, posting a video that explained what it was like seeing his failed marriage proposal after being dumped. "The thing that sucks about this Easter egg is the date I’m making this video now, three, four weeks ago, my girlfriend dumped me to go with my brother, basically throwing away the five years we had together," said Schultz.

To make matters worse, not only did Schultz's girlfriend leave him for his brother after five years, but she also made it clear that his marriage proposal via video game would not have swept her off her feet.

Even though Schultz said that this "might go down in history as the saddest Easter egg," Schultz said he's happy it's still in the game, and even said that he hopes another couple will use that as their proposal. "I just want to see someone get married through that thing," he added.

After Schultz tweeted out his video yesterday, Insomniac Games art director Jacinda Chew replied back asking if they'd like to alter Schultz's (now-failed) marriage proposal via an upcoming patch.

It's anyone's guess if Insomniac will end up releasing a patch to cover up the proposal, but as Schultz said, "it’s a nice little reminder too, you know, the almost mistake that I made."

All considering, Schultz seems to be in good spirits about it. He even spends the last section of the video praising Insomniac not only for helping him with his proposal, but for creating such a fulfilling Spider-Man video game, which he says has helped "clear his head" in the weeks since his breakup.

Here's hoping his next proposal goes a little smoother for him.

UPDATE: According to ScreenRant, Schultz asked Insomniac to change the marquee to honor his grandmother, who bought him a copy of Amazing Fantasy #15, Spidey's first appearance.

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