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Spider-Man: Far From Home could give us new J. Jonah Jameson, Daily Bugle

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May 8, 2019

The PS4’s Spider-Man game may have updated Marvel newsman J. Jonah Jameson into a hardcore conspiracy wonk with a podcast, but it’s been over a decade since fans have seen the cigar-chomping editor where he belongs: behind a desk, demanding pictures of Spider-Man. Spider-Man: Far From Home looks to change all that, but it may also give us the first live-action Jameson since J.K. Simmons hung up the mustache after Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3.

During a London set visit, Slashfilm discovered that Peter Parker’s professional life may be getting a slight update, but that very update could also introduce him to a new and improved version of Jameson. Speaking with executive producer Eric Hauserman Carroll, The Daily Bugle came up and — while the old-school print paper might get a technological facelift — it seems Parker hasn’t given up on his journalistic dreams.

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“Yes, we’ve absolutely talked and thought about those characters a lot, specifically in reference to this film,” Carroll said. “What we just want to make sure we’re [presenting] them in a way that doesn’t make you feel instantly like you’ve seen them before.”

That means making the character feel young, fresh, and modern like he did in Homecoming — as Carroll puts it, “if we had an ‘in’ for the Daily Bugle that wasn’t just your traditional newspaper.” Meanwhile, for “Peter Parker, there’s this cool, weird thing happening where being a photographer isn’t necessarily a mark of distinction anymore” since smartphones allow a majority of the population to snap hi-res pictures (potentially of Spider-Man).

“So how do we get Peter or somebody into that world without it feeling like, do kids really aspire to go be photographers for The New York Times anymore?” asks Carroll. “Or do they aspire to have their tweet reposted, and so on?” That could either see an interesting update to Spidey’s personal ambitions or it could go full-blown “fellow kids” cringe.

But since Carroll said “no,” it wouldn’t be fair to say Jameson and The Daily Bugle aren’t appearing in the movie, it sounds like at least something is coming from that particular angle. Now fans are simply left to wonder how it will play (and who will play it).

Spider-Man: Far From Home hits theaters on July 2.

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