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How Spider-Man: Homecoming's airplane fight scene got off the ground

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Oct 24, 2017

Last week, SYFY WIRE spoke to Theo Bialek, the VFX supervisor for Sony Imageworks, about his role in creating some of the biggest action scenes in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Now a new video has been released by Sony Imageworks, giving audiences a visual idea of how some of the biggest set pieces in the film came together.

In this clip, Bialek specifically breaks down the big airplane fight scene between Spider-Man and the Vulture. He describes how the team was able to put together realistic solutions for technology that, in essence, doesn't exist yet: a cloaking device for airplanes. "We had to do some research to figure out just how you might cloak a plane of that size," Bialek says.

Then the VFX team built a digital version of that tech, so there was a visual representation of a cloaking device on a plane. After that, they had to choreograph an insane stunt fight to keep it in the realm of realism, even while using virtual "actors" and motion capture.

In our interview with Bialek, he told us that, in a scene like this, "what would really happen is his sweatpants would slip off his body because the wind forces would take it off, and we can't do that. We can't have the wind react as violently as it really would, because then you wouldn't see much action. So you have to basically just go with real and then you pare it down so it's digestible to the viewer and still keeps the story interesting. So what you have is a derivative of reality, which is really all superhero movies are, right?"

The result is a scene that is far more believable than just waving a magic wand and casting a spell! Check out the magic below, then let us know what you think in the comments.

(via io9)

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