Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer 2 breakdown: Everything we've learned so far

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Jun 16, 2017, 9:34 PM EDT (Updated)

Spider-Man just did whatever a spider can and dropped the second trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming from the top of a skyscraper.

Though Trailer #1 lures you into a web of mysteries, Trailer #2 shows a spectacular view of a New York alt-verse that meshes with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (including Tony Stark as a dysfunctional how-to-be-an-Avenger mentor and a Captain America cameo in gym class).

There are also more tantalizing glimpses of the Vulture spreading his black wings on a fiery path of destruction. Not to mention what could be the most genius drone ever.

While much of the new trailer hinges on the previous one, it does so in a way that hints at the answers to the eight-legged questions from before while still leaving enough dangling from a spider-web. You’ll be crawling on the ceiling in anticipation.


Spider-Man is wearing a Spider-Drone.

That spider emblem on his chest is actually an arachnid drone, and it flies out — somewhere — at Peter Parker's command. While it’s still unclear where this thing is headed and whether it is sending or retrieving information (or both), it must have a camera or some other sort of sensor installed. Stark technology, anyone?


The Vulture means what he says. For real.

Remember when the Vulture threatened he'd kill Spidey and everyone he loves in the previous trailer? Throwing him into the flaming engine of a flying plane is one way to accomplish that.


That Spidey suit is now easy-on.

While Peter's Spider-suit is almost laughably loose like a bad Halloween costume, he only needs to press the drone-spider for it to conform to his body. Even the insectile eyes narrow when Peter’s own eyes do.

Even spiders have a sense of humor.

Swinging past a huge skyscraper window, he gives a casual wave with a "What's up, guys?" like he just walked into school. Being suspended hundreds of feet off the ground is really no big deal.


Tony Stark continues giving questionable advice.

Don't do anything Tony Stark does. And definitely don't do anything Tony Stark wouldn't do. Never mind that Stark has made many explosive (to say the least) mistakes in the past, he keeps insisting to Peter not to do anything stupid. "Can’t you do me a favor?" he asks somewhat ironically. "Can't you just be your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man?"

"Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man" gets a revamp.

Spidey might have downgraded from the big city by swinging from roof to roof and tree to tree at warp speed in an otherwise mundane suburb, but he still makes a splash when he crashes a random pool party with a huge cannonball.


Secrets don't stay secret when they crawl on the ceiling.

If Ned was in shock before, now he's really starting to believe his best friend is "the Spider-Man from YouTube" as he crawls upside-down across the ceiling. Ned even asks him if he can summon an army of spiders.


Spidey swings with Stark.

Catch an awesome flash of Spidey swinging from a building by his web as Stark rockets right beside him in his Iron Man suit. Whether Stark's suit is new and improved (again) remains to be seen.


Peter still doesn't listen in class.

While Mr. Parker was caught supposedly daydreaming in the previous trailer, now we're starting to see why. He must have been mentally coming up with some sort of superhero agenda instead of drifting off to la-la land. Whatever he's furiously scribbling in chem lab, it probably has nothing to do with chemical equations.


Superhuman phys ed exists.

When Captain America's Fitness Challenge is your school's physical fitness program, you know it's hardcore. It gets even more hardcore when Peter leans over to Ned and whispers that he stole Captain America's shield (in Captain America: Civil War).


Spider-Ned makes an appearance.

Ned rocks the Spidey suit while getting progressively mesmerized by the hologram of NYC he has in his hands. Awesome.


Speaking of Ned, he knows more than you think.

Whatever Peter and Ned are making in that vise while they're supposed to be in shop class, it a) looks like it's on fire which means it's b) potentially dangerous and if you're even vaguely familiar with Spider-Man's antics, that means it's c) definitely dangerous. Ned appears to be analyzing the thing down to its wires — meaning, major problem-solving skills that may or may not save lives later on.


That might be the Prowler slinking into the light.

Blazing blue radiation might have just revealed who Donald Glover plays — being entangled in the future-weaponry business means he's possibly Hobie Brown, aka the Prowler. Even if Glover's role is still somewhat in the shadows, it's pretty certain at this point that he’s no hero.


The Vulture keeps looking for carrion.

If he doesn't find corpses, he'll make them. Why the winged villain and his gang keep blowing up bridges and grocery stores with their high-tech weapons instead of, you know, Avengers Tower is a mystery. Do they have a vendetta or do they just want what's in the cash register to get the funds to build more forces of destruction?


There's more of what happens on the Staten Island Ferry …

We already know Peter desperately tries to pull the Vulture-smashed boat back together with his webs, but now we get to see the prelude, when he web-grabs a group of thugs pointing guns at him and flips them over, and the aftermath, when Stark flies down and pushes against the ferry that Spidey can't save on his own.


… and when you get on the wrong side of Stark.

When Stark gets out of his suit to confront Peter, the Avenger-in-training confesses that he was trying to be like him (something his idol definitely told him not to do), to which Stark responds "I want you to be better. I'm gonna need the suit back." When Peter argues that he's nothing without the suit, Stark's comeback is that if he's nothing without the suit, he shouldn't have it. Peter still hands it over reluctantly.


Spidey pajamas save the world.

While it isn't exactly something you'd want to sleep in, the makeshift suit Peter wears (an homage to the Ben Reilly comic) is a desperate attempt at heroics even without Stark's approval. Somehow he can still do some killer acrobatics in that thing and shoot a web that can heft the entire weight of a commercial jet. Whatever Peter Parker wears, he's still spider-DNA-enhanced.

"I’ll do anything" is dead serious. Dead. Serious.

The Vulture declares he'll do anything to protect his family, but does he mean his genetic family or his mob family that likes to blow up grocery stores — or both? After the blowups seen already, we can only imagine what "anything" means.


Evil spreads its wings.

Now you get to see that Vulture suit in all its terrifying glory with those enormous black wings with metallic 'feathers' spread out against a burning carousel and Wonder Wheel on Coney Island. Keep it in mind for your next con — if you have an unlimited budget and several hundred hours to spend on a cosplay.


She does like him.

Peter's so-called 'creepy' crush on Michelle finally goes to the next level. The only question is, who kisses who?


Someone needs saving. Big time.

What is Spidey doing at the Washington Monument, and why is it blowing up? Besides someone — a classmate of Peter's? — frantically shouting her friends are up there, nothing else is known about why he flew all the way down to D.C. Yet.