Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer 3 breakdown: gadgets, Donald Glover and ... a Goblin Glider?

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May 24, 2017

The third full trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming has arrived, and it is chock-full of action, jokes and some very Peter Parker moments for star Tom Holland. While this may be the last full trailer we get, you can expect a ton of TV spots and featurettes in the typical Marvel movie blitz fashion between now and July 7.

But first, let's take a closer look at this particular trailer and some of the secrets it may hold inside. If you haven't watched it yet, or just really want to watch it again (we don't blame you), here you go!


We're only breaking down the U.S. trailer here, but the international trailer is also worth watching, with lots of new details about the plot, if you don't mind a couple things some would consider mild spoilers.


New York, New York

To Spider-Man stories, New York is as much a character as any of his friends or family, and the establishing shot showing us the city that never sleeps helps bring that home. Previous Spider-Man movie interpretations have focused heavily on what exactly New York brings to the table for both Peter Parker and Spidey, and while this is a brand new day for the character on the big screen, it looks like NYC will be just as important.


Spidey's New Toys

Spider-Man's new suit, provided by none other than Tony Stark, has plenty of new toys, and this trailer displays a bunch of them. First up? An on-board A.I. of his own (wonder what its name is - Aunt May maybe?), and "576 possible web shooter combinations." In recent comics, Peter has used his own genius to significantly up his webslinging game, with electrifying webs, barbed webs, webs with increased tensile strength and much more, and it sounds like we may see something similar here.


School life

Peter Parker's life is part super-hero, part regular high school kid, and Sony and Marvel have been emphasizing the importance of the latter since this film was announced. Sure, the term "Homecoming" is a cute nod to the fact that Spidey's in the MCU now alongside the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, but it's also indicative of high school life. Here we see him and Ganke ... er, Ned (the character is named Ned Leeds, but his appearance and mannerisms are that of another friend, Ganke, from the Ultimate Spider-Man comics) just being regular kids.

Incidentally, his locker number is 1184 -- this is a possible shout-out to the year 1984, which saw the first appearance of Spider-Man's symbiotic black suit in a story called (drum roll please): "Homecoming."


Spidey having FUN

We saw this little move in an earlier trailer, but it's worth including here if only because it shows that in this take on Spider-Man, he actually enjoys being a superhero. Sure, he'll have his trials and tribulations and setbacks, but he does remember to have a little fun, too.


Shocking new weapons

We know that in addition to Vulture, we'll be seeing plenty of the tech-based villain Shocker in this movie. While this doesn't seem to be one of his dangerous toys, it does show a major consequence that the MCU hasn't addressed much: with all those aliens and robots and insanity flying around on Earth nowadays, it makes sense that a lot of that tech would wind up on the black market. That's much more directly addressed in the international trailer.


The future...

In probably the best single shot of the whole trailer, Peter stands in awe at Avengers HQ, with the big emblematic A behind him. It's a glimpse into the future for Peter Parker, as we'll see Spider-Man more completely join the Avengers in Avengers: Infinity War, in theaters May 2018.

Incidentally, his T-shirt is hilarious.


Spidey vs. Vulture: Round ??

One thing that's a little hard to discern from the trailers so far is the exact structure of the film. We know Spidey already has the suit, it gets taken away, and it looks like he gets it back for the big finish of the film. But where does the Vulture grabbing him and flying him up so high that his suit auto-deploys a parachute come in? Not sure, but it's another amazing toy in his arsenal, even if it's just a protective one.

It's also a nod to Spider-Man using his webbing to create a makeshift parachute many times in the comics and even in animation.


The Vulture is Here

Our clearest look at Michael Keaton's Vulture yet -- we can see the 'feathers' around the cowl and what's clearly some stolen Stark/Avengers tech powering his flight suit.


Donald Glover!

We still don't know a ton about Donald Glover's role in the movie, but it's fun to see him here, talking to Spidey in a mentor-ish way. Glover, of course, was the subject of a fan campaign for him to actually play Spider-Man in live action. While that didn't pan out, he did voice Miles Morales in his first animated appearance.



To fans, Spider-Man's lenses that actually move to focus (or probably bring up other viewing options, since this is a Stark suit and all) are super-cool nods to the changing eyes on his mask in the comics - almost a No-Prize style explanation. For people in the movie universe, they make for a terrifying moment for comedic relief. Perfect!


Spider-Drone, Spider-Drone ...

One of the coolest little bits of extra tech on the new suit is this Spider-Drone, which emerges from the emblem on his chest. We're not sure of all the capabilities of this little guy just yet, but it stems from the comics, as well. There, Peter has used much simpler things like his Spider-Trackers, bugs attuned to his Spider-sense that he can place on fleeing villains, and when Otto Octavius took over his mind and body, he had an entire army of Spider-Drones.


Not a Goblin Glider, buuuuuut ...

Sure, we're not going to see Spider-Man go up against a Goblin -- Green, Hob, or otherwise -- in this first film, but man oh man does one of Vulture's little toys sure look like a Goblin Glider. From the limited context of the scene, it looks like Vulture either has drones of his own or can at least detach parts of his suit. Still, it sure looks like a Goblin Glider, and could be a nod of foreshadowing, as well.


More slice-of-life (and Zendaya)

While whether or not Zendaya's 'Michelle' is really going to be revealed as Mary Jane Watson (or some form of her) is still the greatest mystery of this movie, it's nice to get a little more slice-of-life - and friendly skepticism - amidst all the action. In the modern world where observation, thanks to technology, is at an all-time high, it will be harder than ever for Peter to keep his secrets.


Spider-Man Team-Up

Another repeat shot from previous trailers, it's still just crazy fun to see live-action Spider-Man and Iron Man soaring over the streets of NYC together. Dang, that's cool.


A last tease

Now, in the comics, when Tony Stark helped Peter Parker build a new suit, it became the full-on "Iron Spider," complete with extendable extra 'legs' and a color scheme change. In current comics, his suit can change colors, camouflage into regular clothing and much more.

Well, the final shot of the trailer teases that this Homecoming suit can do MUCH more, as well. Stark just gave him partial control under "Training Wheels Protocol." Peter's reaction? Jumping on the bed and throwing a tantrum, so yeah, Stark probably made the right call there.

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