Spider-Man just hit someone's mom (but wait, it gets even better)

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Feb 11, 2013, 6:54 PM EST

Forget Doctor Octopus. Spidey's greatest nemesis is your mom.  Maybe.

If you've ever been to Times Square in Manhattan and were able to see beyond the strobing, neon lights that are both terrible and everywhere, then you know that the place is a mob scene of tourists, people trying to get you to see a free comedy show, and performers dressed up like popular characters.  In that third category is 35-year-old Phillip Williams, who is one of the local, unofficial Spider-Men.

Apparently Mr. Williams was recently out getting his Spidey on and posed for a picture with a 44-year-old woman and her kids.  Things got ugly, though, when the mother refused to give Williams a tip.  She might have been a cheapskate, she may just not have known any better, but, regardless, Williams was not happy.  He was so unhappy, in fact, that he allegedly attacked the woman for not paying him.

But that's not even the weirdest part of this story.  Remember that, due mostly to the popular Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark, there are a multitude of street performers masquerading as the wall crawler.  There are so many, in fact, that the woman who was allegedly attacked wound up siccing her husband on the wrong guy!

...she ended up targeting the wrong Spider-Man for revenge. “A woman came to me and said, ‘What did you do to me, you f--ker?’ ” said the other Times Square Spidey, who wouldn’t give his name.

Eventually, though, Williams was tracked down by police and arrested for assault.  We're not sure what the lesson is but, if you see Spider-Man on the street in the near future, you may want to just nod, smile and slowly back away.

(via Gothamist)