Don't expect Peter Parker and Mary Jane to ever get married again in Marvel Comics

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Apr 26, 2017, 1:27 PM EDT (Updated)

Back in the day, Peter Parker was married to Mary Jane Watson. Then, a lot of complicated things happened and the marriage was erased from continuity — but that hasn’t stopped fans from clamoring for Marvel Comics to bring it back. Well, don’t hold your breath.

Current Spider-Man writer Dan Slott opened up on the Comic Book Resources forum in response to fan questions about whether Marvel will ever reintroduce the marriage. According to Slott: No. Never. Nope. Not gonna happen. Slott explained that Marvel has worked hard to erase the marriage in the years since it occurred, and he believes there’s no way Marvel will ever have Spidey and Mary Jane walk down the aisle again. For now, Peter will remain a globe-trotting hero, while M.J. helps run Stark Industries.

Here are some choice excerpts from Slott’s comments:

“Every single editorial team since the marriage worked hard to undo it. You will not see the marriage restored in the core continuity ever. It’s far more likely that you’d see a line-wide reboot that reset Spider-Man to high school years (and on model with the creators’ original intent) then the marriage being restored. And THAT is never going to happen either. Again, believe all you want. Put MJ and her wedding dress or showing off her wedding ring in EVERY message board avatar in the world. Still never happening. Ever. Ever. Ever…

Not happening. Over a quarter of a century has been spent by Marvel to undo it. The change from 2007 is the one where they put their collective foot down. It ain’t happening. Sorry. Ever. It’s not a question of ‘current writers’ or ‘current editorial’. Marvel wants it to stay undone. Could the CHARACTERS come back together in the core continuity in a relationship that’s not a marriage? Sure. But the marriage is NEVER being officially restored.”

It’s fairly uncommon for a writer to tackle an internal issue like this so openly, so for Slott to do it, that likely means he’s right on the money. Sorry, Spidey Family fans. The ongoing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows run (which follows Peter, Mary Jane and their daughter in an alternate universe) is the closest you’re ever gonna get.

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