Spider-Man PS4 E3 Gameplay brings web-slinging fun and Miles Morales surprise

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Jun 18, 2020, 3:50 PM EDT (Updated)

Sony's E3 presentation wasn't exactly a lengthy one, clocking in at just about an hour, but it ended with a bang, as the last nearly 10 minutes of the show were devoted to Spider-Man, the simply titled new single-player adventure game exclusive to the PlayStation 4. Developer Insomniac showed off quite a bit in the gameplay demo, from Spidey's web-slinging and wall-running mechanics to one-on-many fights against the thugs of Wilson Fisk and even a huge, cinematic encounter with a "big-time" villain you may not expect.

Oh yeah, and then they shocked us all with Miles freaking Morales at the end of it all!

As Spider-Man follows a lead about Wilson "The Kingpin" Fisk, we see him jump into a big brawl, starting with a single-button quick time event (QTE) that then moves him into more fluid fighting that's basically Spidey-meets-Arkham games. As it turns out, Fisk's men are being attacked by other henchmen, and Spidey has to help save them now. Mr. Negative, aka Martin Li, a villain created by Dan Slott and Phil Jimenez in just 2007, is in charge of these guys, and a big aerial helicopter battle shows off some really impressive cinematic storytelling, even within a fight. Watch the trailer to see how Spider-Man saves the day in a mix of QTE and real-time gameplay.

Miles freaking Morales in the new Spider-Man game!

Of course, after the footage ended, Sony showed off a sizzle reel of all the games they'd shown during their full presentation, with a little "post-credits" surprise. Watching Spider-Man in action and recording it on his phone was Miles Morales, the other Spider-Man. What role he'll play in the game, whether he'll become another Spidey and be playable, and many other questions pop to mind, but for now we just have to be excited he's there at all.

The bad news of all this, though, is Spider-Man will not debut in 2017 as originally planned, instead pushed to 2018. With the slew of other games hitting this fall, including Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite and the next LEGO Marvel game, there should be plenty to keep Spider-fans busy, though.