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Spider-Man sales beat PS4 records, Homecoming's opening box office

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Jun 18, 2020, 3:50 PM EDT (Updated)

Sorry, J. Jonah Jameson, but it’s never been a better time to be a Spider-Man fan. With the webhead’s new game on the PS4 making critical waves as one of the most evocative superhero experiences ever put to game, it’s no surprise that sales figures would be equally astounding. It’s been shattering records since before it was released, and now that the first release numbers are in, the wallcrawler’s wall-breaking hasn’t let up.

According to USA Today, Spider-Man for the PS4 sold 3.3 million copies in the first three days since its September release. That’s a record for Sony. Add that to the million pre-orders (also a record for Sony, by the way), and you’ve brought the total up to 4.3 million people playing a $59.99 in the first few days of availability.

Keeping pre-orders in mind (and the undocumented sales of $399.99 Spider-Man PS4 Pro bundles), that tracks to about $258 million spent on this game before and during the weekend of its launch. Comparatively, Spider-Man: Homecoming made $117 million during its premiere at the box office.

The movie went on to make a worldwide $880 million, sure, but for a weekend, games reigned supreme. It broke God of War’s record as fastest-selling first-party video game release in Sony’s history, beating it by 200,000 copies.

By breaking away from a movie tie-in and focusing on gameplay, Spider-Man has outperformed its franchise competitors in a way that sets a new bar for superhero games. With DLC on its way in October — in the form of a bundle titled The City That Never Sleeps — fans can play three new storylines.

Those DLC sales records better watch out, because Spider-Man and Black Cat (star of the first story update) are coming for them on Oct. 23.