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Spider-Man set video shows off Far From Home's black and red suit on streets of New York

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Oct 12, 2018, 2:59 PM EDT

We don’t know too much about Spider-Man: Far From Home beyond rumors, though we know that Tom Holland’s webhead will face off against Jake Gyllenhaal’s fog-headed Mysterio. But we finally have confirmation that a trip out of New York will also give Peter Parker a new suit in which to save his classmates and fight crimes.

Instagram user comicgodz said the person who took the video was walking through the city only to bump into Spidey and MJ doing some web zippery. That’s exciting in and of itself, but Spider-Man was also rocking his rumored black-and-red suit that was said to mimic that of the Stark suit from Homecoming, only swapping out blue for black. However, the videos tell a bit of a different story.

Check them out:

That suit is much more than a recolor. As Holland and Zendaya fly through the air, we get a pretty good look at the side and back of the new suit. Gone are the blue side panels, replaced with solid black featuring red highlights. The back also added a cool white spider that should do plenty to set the costume apart from its many, many, many previous iterations.

Rumors abound that the black costuming could reference the Stealth Suit that could turn Spidey effectively invisible, but until we know anything for sure, we can always live out our fan theories in the PS4 game.

Spider-Man: Far From Home swings into theaters on July 5 of next year.