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Spidey's on horseback in hilarious Chinese fan posters for Spider-Man: Homecoming

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Aug 30, 2017

Just when we thought we’ve seen Spidey swing from dizzying skyscrapers, hang upside down in impossible places, and otherwise do whatever a spider can, he’s somehow swung his way to China in some of the most awesomely hilarious movie posters made for fans, by fans.

Even a superhero like Spidey has had issues getting into China. Spider-Man: Homecoming was delayed on the other side of the planet because of the annual summer blackout on anything from Hollywood. This is actually a thing. Valerian and War for the Planet of the Apes have also had release dates pushed back (thank the media regulators over there). While the webslinger can’t save the box office from blackout season, he can come to the rescue of Chinese fans who are impatiently waiting to see their friendly neighborhood you-know-who.

The new posters show Peter Parker’s alter ego crawling around in places you probably wouldn’t expect to find him. Maybe you would at the top of some skyscraper, since that’s where he must be to take a selfie giving the illusion that he has Shanghai’s Oriental Pearl tower, which is basically the Chinese version of the Space Needle, between his fingers, but then we see him chilling in a hammock and catching up on texts right over the Great Wall of China. He spun it himself—as in, the whole thing is one huge spiderweb suspended between pillars. Being a human spider clearly has its advantages, because you can obviously just kick back wherever you want and take in a spectacular view.

The last poster is probably the strangest in that someone who can shoot paranormally strong webs from his hands probably doesn’t need a horse to take him anywhere, but even someone whose DNA has been altered to shoot webs of super-spider strength may not find it that easy to swing between mountains. What I want to know is why he’s looking over his shoulder and what villain may be lurking behind.

You won’t actually see Spidey in a hammock or on horseback in the movie, but Spider-Man: Homecoming will finally drop into China on September 8.


But first, let me take a selfie.


Netflix and chill.


Pimp my ride.

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