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Spider-Man takes on Electro, Rhino, Scorpion and Vulture in latest PS4 trailer

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Jun 14, 2018, 9:33 PM EDT (Updated)

As game critics finally get their hands on the new Spider-Man game for PS4, Sony and Insomniac Games are giving gamers a new glimpse at how their web slinger moves and the villains that he’ll be facing. At an extensive E3 presentation (two years after first unveiling the project at 2016’s E3), the team gave examples of Spidey’s powers, combat, and speed as he traversed NYC. Much of that is highlighted in the latest trailer.

Looking a bit like the premise behind Batman’s breakout game, Arkham Asylum, the trailer begins with Electro breaking out all the prisoners from the supermax prison The Raft. Then Spidey lets loose. This older, college-aged Spider-Man knows his powers, jumping off pillars for tougher kicks and webbing baddies to any surface webbable.


He’s never really still, which makes sense for the acrobatic Spider-Man. When he’s not moving, he’s quipping. Rhino, Vulture, and Scorpion show up to join the party, and Spidey swings along seemingly endless rafters and rooftops, just like in the movies and comics. It’s taking an older Spidey’s confidence and adding it to the action of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, while maintaining much of Homecoming’s quippy tone.

The prison break looks to be the game’s premise, as Spider-Man’s biggest villains beat the snot out of him and, presumably, head toward the city for whatever criminal intent their mysterious liberator has in mind.

Gamers can find out for sure when Spider-Man comes out on the PlayStation 4 on September 7.