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Spider-Man literally hangs out in Boston train, checks phone before swinging into another train

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May 18, 2018, 2:27 PM EDT

Sometimes superheroes need a little break from their home base. There’s a lot of pressure on a hero to stick up for Gotham, Metropolis, or, yes, even New York City. So when a masked cosplayer dressed as Spider-Man hung upside down on an MBTA train in Boston on Wednesday, it’s not that surprising. Everyone needs a vacation — even Peter Parker.

Twitter user Ashley Armstrong recorded the flipped webhead as the Avenger scrolled through a smartphone en route to stopping crime, which you can see below:

Redditor SimianSuperPickle confirmed that Spidey wasn’t always on the service's Green Line, snapping a pic with the hero on the Orange Line:

Spider-Man boston

Source: SimianSuperPickle

The commuter said that the masked superhero was riding with him since Downtown Crossing station (or DTX) and remained up on the bar “for most of the ride to Forest Hills.” Even superheroes need to transfer trains sometimes.

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