Spider-Man star Tom Holland cast as Nathan Drake in Uncharted movie

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May 22, 2017

Director Shawn Levy’s Uncharted movie has found its Nathan Drake. Not only that, but the movie is actually billed as a prequel to the video game series.

According to Deadline, Sony Pictures has spun a web around Spider-Man: Homecoming star Tom Holland to play a younger version of Nathan Drake with plans to build a franchise around him. The site also reports that the film is taking its inspiration from the third game in the highly popular Naughty Dog video game franchise, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.

To be precise, the movie will be inspired by a sequence in the game itself that sees the young thief meeting Victor “Sully” Sullivan — a professional treasure hunter, fortune seeker, entrepreneur and Nathan Drake’s mentor, father figure and friend — for the first time.


The idea came from Sony Pictures chief Tom Rothman, who was apparently inspired by the latest cut of the Spider-Man film. The studio will tap a new writer to draft a storyline based on a young Nathan Drake as he grows up to become the treasure hunter we all know and love.

As a huge fan of the video game series, the fact that Sony is moving full steam ahead with the movie is exciting news in and of itself. However, I’m not sure a young Nathan Drake story is the way to go (although the approach worked pretty well for fellow treasure-seeking hero Indiana Jones in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles) and may alienate some fans. What do you think?

(via Deadline)

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