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Spider-Men: writer Peter David on his three different versions of Spider-Man

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Jul 3, 2017, 10:45 PM EDT

Spider-Man has been slinging webs and adolescent angst since 1962, so it's not surprising there's been more than one man behind the mask. But what you might find surprising is that one lone writer has actually helped create three distinctly different versions of everyone's favorite wall-crawling superhero.

In his long and prosperous run as a comic book scribe, including 12 award-winning years on The Incredible Hulk, Peter David has had the privilege of writing three different men who at one time or another have crawled under the skin of the famous Spider-Man suit: Peter Parker, Miguel O'Hara and Ben Reilly.

In the exclusive interview below, David tells us all about the differences in all three characters, along with one very striking similarity: "There's always the constant theme of 'with great power comes great responsibility.'" Interestingly, though, as David tells us, it wasn't Uncle Ben who initially spoke that line.

Check out David's explanation in the interview below, along with his cogent character analysis. Then let us know which man behind Spider-Man you find most interesting.