Spidey's new Gwen Stacy, Firefly's mini-reunion—and more!

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 14, 2012

Who would win in a royal rumble among our Hottest Stories and Best Comments of the week? Emma Stone as Mary Jane? Thor, Loki or Natalie Portman? How 'bout Jack Sparrow or J.K. Rowling? Daleks or the Old Spice guy, Jayne Cobb or River Tam? (Answer: Their collective awesomeness means WE'D win!)

Our story: Gallery: 18 pictures of Emma Stone, Spider-Man's Gwen Stacy

Your best comment: I thought she was pretty fun in Zombieland, but still, my top two redheads would go to Felicia Day and Karen Gillian — Charles

Our story: Gallery: 30 pics of the women who MAY star in the Alien prequel

Your best comment: Noomi Rapace is closer in appearance to a young Sigourney. However, I thought the prequel was going to be about how the giant alien ship crashed on the planet, so why would Ripley be a part of that story? — ecgordon

Our story: Gallery: 1st pics from The Thing prequel make us want to see it NOW

Your best comment: A paleontology grad student in Antarctica? As a paleoperson myself, I would kill for that job. Too bad it is almost impossible to do paleontology anywhere but the coasts of Anartctica and it is hugely expensive to do it even there.

Winstead looks like a paleontologist I know. It will be a laugh to see the movie with the image of her as she is not someone I see using a flamethrower:) I liked the first movie. I will really have to see this movie now. — jdmimic

Our story: Gallery: 4 new set photos: Thor vs. Loki, Natalie Portman and more!

Your best comment: While I look forward to seeing the movie, just somehow this looks like a "stud-rough-shave-model-guy" or something from the front of a blah-blah romance novel, or a shaving ad, or Hanes grunderwear, or something. And the costume just doesn't quite do it for me (same with Captain America). I am looking forward to both movies, but will probably withhold the ticker-tape parade until after I see them. — Goldilocks

Our story: 7 dramatic new Deathly Hallows posters

Your best comment: Okay, I get that they're trying to make him look older with that facial hair close up but if you're going to go that close to his face you can at least photoshop in some glass in those glasses. It's very obvious there's no real glass in his glasses. — Amanda

Our story: J.K. Rowling teases with news of THREE more Harry Potter novels

Your best comment: She should pull a George Lucas and simply wait a few years and tweak the movies with missing footage, wait a few years and release each in 3D. Wait a few years and then release them all again as remastered sets. — kizer

Our story: Johnny Depp (as Jack Sparrow) helps girl stage mutiny at school

Your best comment: Dear Mr. Captain Jack Sparrow

There's a guy in my neighborhood who owes me money. I would appreciate if you came to help me take care of this issue as piratically as possible. I will reward you handsomely for your services.

Cranky McAwesomeface
a well-stocked rum runner — Daumier

Our story: Image of the Day: The real reason everyone ignores time travelers

Your best comment: Given the relentless stupidity that Bureaucracy delivers, I can only find this so funny....
Becasue i ahve been absolutely CERTAIN for quite some time that (IF Humanity survives, that is) future generations will shake their collective heads in disbelief and disgust over the records of what passes for 'sanity' in this era.

Bucky Fuller must be rolling in his grave. — PALADIN

Our story: 15 cowards you love to hate from sci-fi movies and TV

Your best comment: How about Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit? During the battle of the 5 armies, Bilbo hides out and becomes invisible with the help of the One Ring. That's pretty cowardly compared to his pal Thorin, who was mortally wounded in battle. I know that so far the only screen version was the Rankin Bass animated special from the 1970's. Let's hope Peter Jackson and Co. don't wimp out and make Bilbo a heroic warrior during that battle. That is if they ever get a chance to actually shoot their movie. — nohater

Our story: Two new Doctor Who teasers: More Daleks, more Time Lords!

Your best comment: I know the mainstream dr who community will probably come after me with torches for my personal opinion but I hate this idea. I loved the regeneration limit at 13. It felt just right to me. Not too many, not too little - and it felt like each one really counted. Adding more just feels like the concept is being cheapened (much like the NS in general I guess), like when you add a cheat to a video-game to get extra-lives or something. I would much rather a future producer retconned the NS and continued from paul mcgann and regenerated him into a new 9th doctor (preferably bill nighy or rudolph walker as iv always wanted a black doctor). — Nyarlathotep

Our story: Why you haven't seen those Stargate movies yet (there's still hope!)

Your best comment: I don't know why they don't do what Star Trek did, and produce films on a modest budget, and release them theatrically? If they made a SG-1 film for $7-$10 million and released that in the theater, it would do huge business.

As for Continuum, you will seldom find a bigger hardcore SG-1 fan then me, but I thought Continuum was very dissapointing. It was basically just an inferior remake of the SG-1 episodes "Moebius" part 1&2. I like Cam Mitchell, and he was the best thing about the movie, but it just seemed ho hum otherwise.

I thought Ark of Truth was much better and felt just grander and more epic in general. I can see why that did well.

Firefly eventually did very well, and I think it is inferior to the SG verse and (and inferior to Star Hunter which Firefly ripped off). — Danjack

Our story: That Old Spice Guy stars as Marvel's Luke Cage--really!

Your best comment: That clip was hilarious but I don't think it shows us anything about Mustafa's ability to actually act. But hey, if he wants the part give him a tryout, see if he can do more than look pretty and deliver funny "one liners" — Danjack

Our story: Most chilling Batman/Joker scene EVER is re-created with LEGOs

Your best comment: Part of what made the Killing Joke so great is that they presented the Joker as this irredeemable madman and then, suddenly, they give you a reason to feel sorry for the guy. You don't know how to feel about him, you can't decide if he's the poor sap who just had a bad day or a merciless killer. — mctrek1

Our story: 1st pic of Summer Glau's Firefly reunion on Chuck

Your best comment: Gee call me weird but I like all [Star Trek, Star Wars, and Firefly]....enjoyed them for what they were, not this constant "this is better then that." Just enjoy the shows and stop saying one is better then another and if the site your looking at keeps tossing stuff up just enjoy it or don't read it. Why do some of you Frakking fools keep blasting away at the guys trying to keep those of us Wage-Slaves entertained.

Chill pill all around if you ask me. — mctrek1

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