Spielberg's high-profile Halo series for Xbox just found a new home

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May 5, 2014, 1:04 PM EDT (Updated)

Steven Spielberg is currently putting together a Halo TV series for Xbox, but it sounds like a new deal might land the project at a cable network.

Variety is reporting that Xbox Entertainment is “deep in negotiations” with the cable network Showtime to partner on the series, which was first announced a year ago. The deal would apparently see episodes debut on Showtime, then land on Xbox soon after, with some interactive elements tossed in for the console release.

Screenwriter Stuart Beattie (30 Days of Night; I, Frankenstein) has reportedly spent the past year putting together an extensive “show bible” for the series, and the studio is close to a deal to hire two show runners to work off Beattie’s document.

The Halo videogame franchise is one of the biggest out there, and the story of soldiers duking it out with evil aliens is ripe for big action and even bigger hero stories. Spielberg’s involvement obviously gives this one some cachet, and we’re curious to see how this deal works out.

After touting the series as a major selling point for original video on the Xbox system, it's a bit surprising to see the company team up with a cable network to share the series (especially if they give up first-air rights, as reported). But it's good news for us, since it opens up a much larger audience that can check out the show when it eventually arrives.

(Via Variety)

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